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    HR Update – 2022 Open Enrollment

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    For the North American Mission Board (NAMB) headquarters located in Alpharetta, Georgia, “Phase 3” of the transition back to the building for Alpharetta staff began on October 5, 2020. NAMB leadership has taken every precaution to make sure the work environment and protocols align with the most recent state and local orders in response to COVID-19, and when appropriate, under current guidance from public health agencies.

    COVID-19 Phase 3 Webinar Recording

    NAMB will implement the following protocols in an effort to maintain a healthy and safe environment for all staff, contractors and vendors:


    During Phase 3, the Alpharetta building will be the primary work location for Alpharetta employees with remote capabilities when needed. NAMB will continue to encourage Alpharetta employees who are in the “high-risk” category to continue to work remotely as your work allows. Employees working remotely should abide by NAMB’s remote work policies provided in these protocols and posted on the staff portal, If an employee’s work is hindered by working remotely, they should notify Human Resources and their supervisor.


    Prior to reopening the building, the hospitality team has gone to great lengths to ensure that the entire building has been cleaned and disinfected. The furniture in open areas and “drop-in” space has been rearranged to maintain social distancing and to limit the number of people in an area.

    NAMB will clean and disinfect high-traffic and high-touch areas four times a day using disinfectants recommended by the CDC. NAMB recommends that employees disinfect their desk and/or office at least two times a day; therefore, disinfecting materials will be provided on each floor. NAMB will also provide soap and hand sanitizing stations throughout the building.


    NAMB will continue to follow public health agency social distancing guidelines to protect staff while in the building. If an employee needs to enter the building, they should abide by the following social distancing protocols:

    • Strongly encourage the use of a face mask while moving around the building
    • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other employees
    • Conference rooms will be limited to 5 people; however, we encourage meetings to continue to be virtual via Ring Central or Teams
    • No more than 1 person in a huddle room
    • No more than 2 people in an elevator
    • The café will be open for coffee and water
    • Weekly boxed lunches for staff will be provided
    • Employees who order food delivery to the building should instruct the delivery person to meet the employee outside of the building

    All staff who identify as a high risk for COVID-19 pursuant to current public health agency guidelines or applicable law are required to comply with legal restrictions and are strongly encouraged to continue working remotely. If any high-risk employees need to enter or work from the building, NAMB will make reasonable accommodations for the employee, if requested by such employee.

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    Remote Working Guidelines (COVID-19)

    Remote work allows for continuity of operations during times when NAMB facilities are not available. This guide summarizes key considerations, best practices and NAMB guidance specific to remote work during the public health emergency caused by coronavirus (COVID-19), including information that may be different from the NAMB Employee Handbook. NAMB may modify these guidelines at any time based upon updated information provided by public health agencies related to COVID-19.

    Evaluate your key responsibilities to ensure that they may be completed remotely. Discuss any questions or concerns with your direct supervisor.

    Consider whether your home environment is conducive to remote work. Factors include the demands of other household members, household construction, appropriate lighting, seating and other basic conditions. Set expectations with others in your home regarding your interactions and availability.

    Best practices and tips:

    • Choose a location in the home that has limited distractions and ample natural lighting.
    • Maintain good posture where you sit.
    • Take regular breaks to look away from the screen and improve circulation.
    • Stay consistent with your eating, sleeping, and exercise routine as appropriate.
    • Structure your day, building in social time with colleagues and others.
    • If you have peripheral devices, connect an external keyboard, mouse, headphones and/or monitor to increase your comfort.
    • Maintain boundaries to prevent overwork – unplug at the end of your work time.

    In light of COVID-19, remote work may occur while children or other dependents are present if their school or childcare is closed and alternative care is unavailable, under the following guidelines:

    • NAMB is not responsible or liable for the health and safety of your dependents while you are working remotely, or for your health and safety while you are delivering care to your dependents. It is up to you to determine whether work can be conducted safely.
    • If a dependent is ill and requires ongoing attention, you may need to use PTO, as needed. In light of COVID-19, PTO rules are being relaxed to allow for care of healthy children at home due to school or childcare closures.
    • Employees are expected to determine what they can reasonably accomplish while dependents are under their care (whether healthy or ill), and the amount of time they expect to be able to work. Employees should address any concerns with their direct supervisor.

    At a minimum, employees need a computer, internet and phone access. Employees should always follow NAMB technology policies and procedures while working remotely. NAMB provides many tools for collaboration and productive remote working. Examples include Workday, Microsoft Office 365 tools, Teams, OneNote, RingCentral and DocuSign. For security purposes, use of non-approved, cloud-based software and tools is prohibited. If you have technology needs or questions regarding approval of any technology tools, contact NAMB Information Services.

    Virtual meetings are essential to productive remote work. NAMB’s primary tools for virtual meetings are RingCentral and Teams. If you have questions regarding virtual meetings, contact NAMB Information Services.

    Virtual meeting best practices:

    • Add a RingCentral or Teams option to all meetings proactively.
    • Add a secondary host that can start the meeting in the event the host is running late or availability has changed.
    • Log in early, and test your audio/video settings.
    • Use your webcam if appropriate to increase interpersonal communication. If you expect distractions, limit your use of video.
    • Use mute to reduce background noise when you are not speaking. The host(s) can also mute participants.
    • For meetings where participation is essential, consider using the “raise hand” feature to help determine who will speak when. It can be difficult even with video to tell when someone is about to finish speaking or is waiting to speak.
    • When using video, be thoughtful about where you are participating from and the setup. For instance, what individuals can see behind you, what noises might they hear from household members and pets, the lighting, etc. If your background isn’t something you want people to see, RingCentral and Teams have options to blur or obscure your background.

    Employees must adhere to NAMB policies and procedures regarding transporting, transferring, or sending written or digital confidential data. If you have questions regarding these requirements, please clarify them with your direct supervisor.

    Provide multiple forms of contact information to your supervisor. Update your emergency contact information in Workday.

    Exempt employees will receive their regular pay while working remotely. All non-exempt employees who work remotely with NAMB approval will be paid for hours worked at their regular hourly rate of pay. Overtime must be approved in advance. 

    Discuss with your manager how your time and performance will be managed. Communicate regularly with your manager regarding your work priorities, deliverables, timelines, etc.

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    Please send any questions, requests for information, or updates to [email protected]. The appropriate task force member will respond as quickly as possible.

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    Please note that the resources provided in this Employee Resources Hub or in linked or referenced resources is for information purposes only and not to provide medical advice. For definitive medical guidance and disease management, please consult local public health officials or your physician.